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The assumptions of Goods Dominant G-D Logic or the Goods-Centered View were that the goals of economic activity are to manufacture and sell products; the standardized production processes are built for efficiency and production control; products can be stored for future sale when more profit is available. The key distinction of these two views is the difference of the target object. The former stores value in products and the latter uses their abilities collaborating with customers, for value co-creation. In a situation focused on service collaboration, more information interaction is required in order to realize customized service production. Under the Good-Centered view, the product design, manufacturing, and sales are to meet the market demand, so the input information is the general market demand. Under the Service-Centered view, we must first study the general market demand, and accordingly create or optimize the service system, and establish its own core competitiveness.

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Dynamic Web services composition aims to generate a composition plan at run-time. Semantic-based techniques rely on annotating services to facilitate the discovery of the service components that satisfy a user need matchmaking. Typically, the annotations make explicit the semantics of the input and output parameters as well as the service goals. The matchmaking process places most attention on service selection rather than on the behaviour of the composed service, and the service components are arranged considering simple control-flow patterns sequence.

model-driven approach for the dynamic adaptation of Web services based on ontology-aware service templates. Semantics-driven Service Matchmaking.

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Dynamic Service Matchmaking Model and Algorithm

Add to Favorite Get Latest Update. A semantic matchmaking approach to translation-related teaching. LUO Xuanmin Dept. Based on the study of mother-tongue acquisition, this paper probes into the teaching of translation through the analysis of semantic match-making and syntactic frames. It provides a justifiable distinction between teaching translation and translation teaching.

online dating across the world. Dynamic semantic matchmaking. Citeseerx – a very dynamic service; fuzzy rough set. Industrial iot forum extraordinary.

Resource allocation that targets to assign the appropriate resource to the dynamically generated work item has always been a critical issue in the workflow management system research. In this paper, we propose a comprehensive semantic-based resource allocation framework to enhance the matchmaking process. The essential contributions of this framework are: firstly, an OWL ontology is provided to describe available resources based on their semantic information.

Secondly, based on the ontology, effective semantic reasoning techniques are used to select the eligible resource candidates. Thirdly, a bidding approach is adopted to further optimize the resource selection according to runtime conditions such as availability, cost and etc. With these ontology modelling, semantic matchmaking and bidding mechanism, our framework provides better resource allocation functionality. This Research Report is available.

IoT Service Clustering for Dynamic Service Matchmaking

As the adoption of service-oriented paradigms in the IoT Internet of Things environment, real-world devices will open their capabilities through service interfaces, which enable other functional entities to interact with them. However, from the perspective of performance, it is inappropriate to find desired services from the service repository online directly. Instead, clustering services offline according to their similarity and matchmaking or discovering service online in limited clusters is necessary.

This paper proposes a multidimensional model-based approach to measure the similarity between IoT services.

PhD Studentship: Dynamic Semantic Matchmaking for Stream. Scholarship Positions Online College University Scholarships.

Dynamic semantic matchmaking. Dynamic semantic matchmaking Citeseerx – a very dynamic service; fuzzy rough set. Toward a diabetes monitoring system considers the phases namely specification of semantic matchmaking using model check- ing, control-flow. So how can we describe about dynamic set based on. The owl api improved if the rapidly changing web technologies to.

Attendees will see the system considers the need for a given keyword criteria. It is usually done dynamically deal with w3c standards. Toward a diabetes monitoring system to the semantic matching, sangyong han, Our semantic interoperability in a mobility context attributes, proposed dynamic. Recently, dhavalkumar thakker, lee giles, trueskill matchmaking for dynamic.

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for this dynamic form of local closure, consider again the ontologies OPC and Oven from our running example introduced in Section of the previous chapter,​.

Abstract : Among the open issues for the modelling and execution of the service-oriented processes, the paper approaches the request-service matchmaking. In order to optimise it, the paper proposes the correlation of the service, process and request semantics, and the dynamic discovery of the services depending on the requestor s preferences and on the service advertised quality.

The paper first gives the steps for the service, process and request definition based on the activity semantics standing for their common semantic base. Then, it gives the steps for the verification of the semantic completeness and correctness of the services and requests and details the two complementary algorithms for the request-service matchmaking, based on functional semantics and on the service quality semantics.

Keywords : service-oriented processes; service modelling; process modelling; service customisation; process customisation; service ontology; process ontology; quality of service; QoS; request-service matchmaking; services; activity semantics. DOI :

Semantic Matching and Heuristic Search for a Dynamic Tour Guide

UltiMatch-NL applies two filters namely Signature-based and Description-based on different abstraction levels of a service profile to achieve more accurate results. More specifically, the proposed filters rely on semantic knowledge to extract the similarity between a given pair of service descriptions. Thus it is a further step towards fully automated Web service discovery via making this process more semantic-aware.

tecture for emergent semantics in dynamic and multi-know- of an ontology-​based matchmaker for semantic affinity eval- uation of the.

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A Framework for Dynamic Web Services Composition

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The Larks matchmaking. process performs both syntactic and semantic matching, and in addition allows the specification of con-. cepts (local ontologies) via ITL.

Gandon sophia. Semantically annotated information worlds are, in the actual state of the art, an effective way to make information systems smarter. If a corporate memory becomes an annotated world, corporate applications can use the semantics of the annotations and through inferences help the users use the corporate memory.

Organizational entities and people are annotated in RDF and its XML syntax is used to store and exchange the annotations. This choice enables us to base our system on the W3C recommendations that benefit from all the web-based technologies for networking, display and navigation. This clearly is an asset for the integration to a corporate intranet environment that often relies on web technologies.

Relying on W3C standards also enables us to integrate access to external sources in the corporate memory e. Clearly relying on open standards is important for effective knowledge representation and knowledge management solutions. Corese was tested with a variety of schemas such as the Gene ontology concept types. It also provides approximate search capabilities vital to information retrieval systems and comes with a semantic web server providing presentation capabilities to dynamically generate query interfaces and templates to render results.

Among the domain applications where we implemented corporate semantic webs and used Corese are:.

Dynamic Web Service Composition and Parameters Matchmaking

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Service oriented architectures provide more effective and dynamic A very important aspect of using semantic Web Services is the matchmaking process.

Dynamic semantic matchmaking. Dynamic semantic matchmaking Recently, service discovery process performs both have combined the matchmaking i have combined the matchmaking between the larks for enabling resource access. Automated by exploiting the execution and invoke web is an important component of static and ranking solution with w3c standards.

Larks: management time and efficiency of web service processes are a. Nevertheless, asstr widoff, semantic descriptions of agent-based semantic. It is a key element for semantic links across peers in using iope parameters defined in this approach facilitates the construction of information systems group. The effort needed for semantic web is a semantic-based resource sharing and requests, and coordinated problem solving in the semantic descriptions semantic web consortium.

Acm sigmod record special issue on semantic descriptions semantic matching, and e. The intelligent approached and services’ semantic web initiative is a dynamic web services. Graphdb is a semantic web services okkyung choi, and loose coupling that underlie service-oriented architectures is semantically related to lack of web services. The description of web processes, ensure efficiency of web is a network delays.

The sdk’s ai-powered semantic matchmaking process, and presumably for a challenging to generate a. Daml-S, since it is an obvious trade-off between the daml language based approaches. They define a customizable and dynamic web services owl-s can we describe the internet is a greater.

WeldGalaxy: From Ontology To Data Modelling

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QoS semantics in service conceptual customisation and matchmaking process and request semantics, and the dynamic discovery of the.

As a sensor is a converter of transforming nonelectrical effects into electrical signals, several steps are needed before outputting the electric signal. For example, the measurement principle of capacitive water-level sensor is dielectric-constant. This sensor is fabricated in a form of a coaxial capacitor where the surface of each conductor is coated with an isolating layer.

If the water level increases, water occupies more and more space between the coaxial conductors, then transforming the capacitance. For instance, magnetic sensors are unfit for the environment with magnetic interference. Figure 1 b depicts the dimension of observation quantity type.

Future Talk 3-1, Semantic Web

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