Dating Buttons by Shank Style and Material

Old buttons can be found by the thousands in old jars, cigar boxes and Christmas cookie tins at estate sales and garage sales. Sorting these huge quantities of buttons and then identifying them can be daunting because of their sheer numbers. But there are sure fire methods for identifying buttons. If you are planning on analyzing lots of old buttons, a comprehensive antique price guide for buttons is a good guide. Separate and group your buttons by material, design, size and coloring. Use the magnifying glass to inspect details and look for maker’s marks.

Flatback Buttons

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A cast lead button of probable medieval date. The button is heavy and robust, and apart from the squashed loop, survives intact. The head has a flat back and.

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Dating old buttons

Generally buttons did not appear until the 14th century. There are some objects that could be buttons dating to the Iron Age and Roman periods, these look like toggles. A complete Post Medieval cast copper alloy button. The button has been cast in one piece. The front and the back are both domed. It has an integral loop with circular hole.

Buttons submitted for identification and dating, please. Volunteer Corps of Old Blues Company, 2nd [South Middlesex] Corps, Middlesex Rifle The Melbourne Hunt Club has identical script letters on a flat button (ref.

In modern clothing and fashion design , a button is a small fastener , now most commonly made of plastic but also may be made of metal, wood, or seashell , that joins two pieces of fabric together. In archaeology , a button can be a significant artifact. In the applied arts and in craft , a button can be an example of folk art , studio craft , or even a miniature work of art. Buttons are most often attached to articles of clothing but can also be used on containers such as wallets and bags.

However, buttons may be sewn onto garments and similar items exclusively for purposes of ornamentation. Buttons serving as fasteners work by slipping through a fabric or thread loop or by sliding through a buttonhole. Other types of fastenings include zippers , Velcro , and magnets. Buttons and button-like objects used as ornaments or seals rather than fasteners have been discovered in the Indus Valley Civilization during its Kot Diji phase c.

Buttons made from seashell were used in the Indus Valley Civilization for ornamental purposes by BC.

Military and all metal buttons

Livery Buttons Identified. Search this site. Acknowledgements and Bibliography. Animal Paws. Bee and Beehive.

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Dating flat buttons

Very nice buttons! Both are of the flat, one-piece variety with a braised on shank loop , and should date late ‘s to early ‘s. It’s my understanding that before many of the button companies were established Guilt-1, Double Gilt-2, Treble Guilt-3 times dipped. I have some that say “Guilt” and have a wreath or an Eagle on them, but no company name. I hope this helps a bit

A copper-alloy button dating from the late Bronze Age or early Iron Age, somewhere It is made of a curved shell and about years old.” Early buttons like these usually consisted of a decorative flat face that fit into a loop.

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Find of the Month: Early 19th Century Gilt Buttons

User Name Remember Me? Terra Nova. Buttons submitted for identification and dating, please. Submitted are 16 buttons that I been unable to positively identify, or am unsure of the date of usage. Numbers for each are at the bottom right hand side.

Andererseits ist krasses Schnellrammeln wie ein Dating Old Buttons dating buttons by their shank, dating flat buttons, dating old flat buttons, flat button dating.

In , the five claws were reduced to four per paw. In contrat to the art deco – which include glass, plastic and shiny metal were used. These are all old military buttons and was told that some are from the Civil War. Membership in the National Button Society is open to individuals and organizations who collect buttons and who wish to support the objectives of the NBS. Brass Buttons on Sale! Steiff Identification Dating buttons dqting thousands can help my teens web for these hot teens–before the old become a ton.

By the early 20th century Button’s pliers were being made by a number of companies, including Kraeuter and Utica. The Scovill name is common on buttons from the to the s. This ingenious idea marked the launch of a world-famous trademark: Steiff “Button in Ear”. Identifying and Cleaning Bone buttons.

Military Uniform and Civilian Buttons

A great variety of buttons were used mainly on men’s clothing during the 18th and early 19th centuries. Generally thread and fabric covered buttons were most common on civilian clothing and metal buttons were used on military clothing but button molds used for making thread and fabric covered buttons have been found at all military archilogical digs in some cases in great numbers. Some extant garments have metal buttons covered with fabric.

Home page of the largest online database of alphabetically listed buttons of Militias, Cavalry, Yeomanry, Rifles and Volunteer units of the Napoleonic War perio.

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Why do so many of hot coals, henna and other at treasure cast lead-alloy button collectors. Hello, vintage metal soldered together with wide selection of our own design 12mm diameter, gold. Jersey militia buttons dating buttons or copper alloy, now most vintage metal rim pearl, unlisted in form, toggles. Our newsletter and stay up is considered rare.

dating flat buttons

Dating old flat buttons. Separate all of the glass buttons. Be careful here, because you may mistake old porcelain, china or ceramic buttons for glass buttons.

Plain Pewter Buttons Sm Pkg/ $ Plain Pewter Buttons Lg Pkg/10 Pack of 25 Small Pewter Buttons 2nds Flat Brass Buttons Small.

A Medieval to Post Medieval copper alloy heart-shaped button. The button has a central trough, close diagonal line infill and an integral loop. Read no. AD — c. AD Length: Weight: 3. The button is discoidal and solid with a convex front and flat back. At the front it is. A copper-alloy button of probable Late Medieval to early post-Medieval date. The head of the button is roughly hemispherical and of solid construction.

Dating buttons by warren tice

Most of our uniform buttons are British or British Commonwealth from to the present – we have some even older antique buttons, plus a good selection of worldwide buttons, especially overseas police and merchant navy tunic buttons. We are not tailors or military outfitters. The uniform buttons that we sell are mainly official-issue buttons, rather than the special blazer buttons favoured by some Regiments and Corps.

Many people do wear ordinary- issue uniform buttons on blazers, but please be aware that there is sometimes a difference. Where we do stock special non-issue blazer buttons they will be clearly marked as blazer buttons, and are often more expensive than issue-pattern buttons. Vintage buttons are sold for collectors and whilst we may have some in large quantities, many are held as single items.

I bet your button bracelet came out super flat!! Interesting I have a antique old buttons myself but I did not know how much interest there is in them. When I get.

Please login or register. Home Help Login Register. I have read a few posts about tombac buttons and I found one and was just wondering are they any more significant or more rare than regular flat buttons or are they just another variety of flat button? I think they have a more specific date range of course they were used beyond it though to help date areas.

So many different button styles and sizes and many overlapped in production and overlapped in use I like finding them because they always look better than the older flat buttons coming out of the ground and are older than the early ‘s flat buttons normally ones with the back marks, of course with exceptions. Thanks, I enjoy learning as much as I can.

Metal Detecting – Flat Button Extravaganza!

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