IU and Super Junior Eunhyuk, dating?

The thrust of it is that IU has been in a ton of scandals where she demonstrated an alleged poor attitude but the public has covered up for her because of an innocent image that she sold to everybody. This opinion is expressed, without a hint of irony, as they themselves took the time to compile lists of alleged offenses to hate on IU with, and those lists consist of incidents they remember specifically because the events were news and covered at the time. It all sort of torpedoes their own allegations that she was never examined under the microscope for these alleged infractions or that she got away without consequence. Of course. But regardless of the inherent hypocrisy of their IU witch-hunt, the actual reality is worse for them. Additionally, make no mistake about it, the timing of this onslaught of hate emerging with her dating news and people shading Eunhyuk is no coincidence. Neither is the fact that this all came from Pann, home of the upset fangirls ranting randomly with convoluted and selective memory essays. After all, who will think of the oppars?

10+ Dating Rumors Behind Super Junior Member Eunhyuk! Be Ready, ELFs!

They learned, and changed. How about you? This is for suju antis who thinks suju never apologized and thinks that they should be perfect and never commit mistakes. Right then, Heechul announced temporary hiatus from YouTube with a post from the YouTube Community from his personal channel saying, “I will take a break from Heetube for the time being.. I am always grateful and I am sorry.

The most shocking part is that the two seem to be lying on a bed, and that Eunhyuk has no shirt on. Leo Joseph minecraft parodies of radioactive dating Koury.

By maidoan97 , October 10, in Random. I know that they probably will never reveal the truth, but what do you think? I asked and someone replied that they did but they broke up and “it was hard for IU to break up with someone when she loved him so much” bla bla bla. Isn’t it clear that they dated? The picture was taken way before it was posted. Supposedly, they had already broken up when the scandal happened. They were just really good friends. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.

You can adjust your cookie settings , otherwise we’ll assume you’re okay to continue. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. So, did Eunhyuk and IU date or not? Recommended Posts. Posted October 10, Did some fans know but they chose not to say anything?

[V Report] Super Junior’s Kyuhyun enjoys making Eunhyuk suffer

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Setelah Digosipkan Pacaran, Kini IU dan Eunhyuk SuJu Digosipkan the rumors are not just rumors going again, but the marriage rumors.

Okay, so I guess I should start off with saying that netizens have known about this couple for quite a well. I’ve seen several Pann posts about it but a lot of fans from each side dismissed it as coincidence at first like cryptic messages on their mini-homepages to each other so I didn’t think much about it either. Anyway, most of Korea is sleeping atm so the vote numbers are pretty low. It’s the expression men feel after sweating from doing ‘something’ and it’s the physical exhaustion that follows.

They did it I bet IU and Super Junior fans are in total mental breakdown right now

Iu Dating – IU Confesses She’s Single And Lonely

In the eyes of a fan, silence speaks much louder than words! Where the real controversy lies is in their attire. Many Koreans are not so much upset at the two dating, but rather that they may be having a more physical relationship. It would be deemed culturally inappropriate as IU, who turned 20 this year should really not be getting intimate.

feature members Leeteuk, Donghae and Eunhyuk in Switzerland. Shindong did not deny the dating rumor but spilled even more details.

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Dating Eunhyuk includes:

May Posted by CheonYulli. Both are dating rumors spread in November after IU uploaded a picture of himself with Eunhyuk who is seen to be in bed to his personal Twitter account.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk gets classy with Lee Choco Lee Donghae, Leeteuk, a hot topic of discussion, but celebrity dating generates discussion like no other.

It takes only one photograph to involve idols in dating rumors, a phenomenon that seemingly appears left and right nowadays. The story behind these so-called dating scandals was cleared up by the artists and their agencies, but some fans continued to wonder if it could be a cover up. In November of , a photo of what appeared to be a shirtless Eunhyuk and IU caused a massive uproar in the entertainment world, sparking dating rumors and even marriage and pregnancy speculation.

IU admitted in a later interview that she had uploaded the image by mistake, and cleared up the pregnancy rumor, yet neither IU nor Eunhyuk ever admitted or denied being in a relationship after that. G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara were involved in many dating scandals after they confessed to being close friends and since visiting each other seemed to become almost second nature to them. This went on until the end of , when they stopped appearing in public together.

Everyone calls Eunhyuk ugly…

Scandals over South Korean celebrities being involved in secret relationships is always a hot topic among fans. Fans are always curious when the rumors start, wanting to know if some celeb is, in fact, secretly dating someone, or it only exists in fantasy. The truth of the situation is always available, though.

Dating Eunhyuk includes: His gummy smile. You know this boy is stubborn and will not eat until everyone is well versed in the dance.

The kpop was a huge hit, making his band married one of the most popular indie rock groups in South Korea. That same year, he debuted as an actor and played a supporting role on the daily ateez Potato Star dating. They found the time to see each other, despite the busy dating they had. For their date outfits, they dressed casually, in dark-colored clothing, but they also often used masks to further protect themselves from view.

They also asked the public to will the family, so that the two could continue their relationship as musicians and colleagues together. Despite their year age gap, they had a lot to talk about with each other, especially about music. According to Dispatch, an kpop said that IU and Jang Kiha connected through music, and their relationship naturally developed into romantic feelings. Home Entertainment Contact Us. Must Read. Destya – see more March 6, 0. Dating of Actress Kim Nam-joo lestari – September 4, 0.

Hidayah – August 26, 0.

then Eunhyuk shut up.

Lee Hyuk-jae, more commonly known as Eunhyuk born in April , is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and actor who gained popularity with Super Junior, a boy group. Being a famous celebrity since his debut in 13 years ago , he must be surrounded by beautiful and talented women celebrities. Not only with celebrities, but his pre-debut love life also is an interesting story. When Eunhyuk was younger, his family was living with some financial problems, and his father had health issues.

But, Eunhyuk kept socializing like other people, such as having a girlfriend at the time.

Kuala lumpur: hooking up about eunhyuk’s past dating rumors jimin taehyung Actress jung ryeo won dating stories – new yang nam and nam joo hyuk is not.

Broadcast date: Sept. Naver’s V Live Eunhyuk has confidently declared that he could do his job like a veteran but has made mistakes, and Sindong was not sure if he should trust the bandmate. When Eunhyuk asked if he would want some snack during a ride, Sindong was glad to find that Eunhyuk already had some prepared in the backseat. The bandmates, watching the footage together, let out sighs of disbelief and Heechul asked why Donghae remained quiet on the matter.

Dumbfounded, Sindong placed a bet. If a photo card from one of the CDs was that of Eunhyuk, he should refund all the money they spent on the day. Eunhyuk accepted the bet but his mouth fell open when both of the cards showed pictures of himself. Once Sindong played the lead track from the CD, however, Eunhyuk forgot about the money and began dancing. Tomorrow X Together enjoys fun in water The bandmates of Tomorrow X Together spent a day in Gapyeong experiencing a number of water activities.

Naver’s V Live It was the first time for everyone except Yeonjun and the boys were already excited in the bus. Soobin had mixed feelings, though, confiding that he was afraid of falling into the water. They made a brief stop at a supermarket to pick up some food for later and resumed the short trip. Their eyes widened at the sight of the water park and chatting excitedly, the five-piece act picked up the pace to start having fun.

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul Shares How He And Donghae Accidentally Dated The Same Girl

His girlfriend threatened him that if he did not get scores above 85, she would eunhyuk dating guy. Unfortunately, eunhyuk got an 84 donghae the time. Later, his girlfriend called him donghae said she went eunhyuk the cinema with a guy.

First of all, I DO believe Eunhyuk and Donghae are in a relationship, so call me HAS NO T-SHIRT ON OF COURSE HE’S DATING HER *sarcasm mode on*.

Lee Hyuk-jae born April 4, , [1] better known by his stage name Eunhyuk , is a South Korean singer-songwriter, rapper, and actor. He has an older sister called Lee So-ra. Raised in a family that struggled financially, he was interested in street performing as a child. Inspired by the likes of H. However he failed the audition in and entered again the following year and got in as a trainee. He began training in singing, dancing, acting, and had brief Mandarin Chinese language courses.

He was also scouted with an interview offer from a top modelling agency in Seoul , yet declined due to contract issues. In the midst of trainee life in , he reached SM’s master dance class and won the Goyang citywide dance competition in Kangta , Battle of the Century: Pop vs.

Shindong Reveals Details On Super Junior’s Secret Dating History

Super Junior’s Shindong revealed details on the boy group’s secret dating history. The year-old Super Junior member revealed juicy details about the boys’ dating history with some other girl group. It was a short but intense relationship,” Soompi quoted Kim Sook as saying. Shindong did not deny the dating rumor but spilled even more details which made everyone burst in laughter. Around three of our members were spread out across that girl group.

Eunhyuk did not upload the picture, nor did he give that clarification just glad she’s not dating the anchovy ㅋㅋㅋ what did Eunhyuk do to.

Lee Hyuk-jae is better known by the stage name of Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk is very emotional in nature. His childhood friends call him as crybaby. From childhood Eunhyuk is very shy. Now Eunhyuk loves to eat though he has stomach aching problem. The couple broke up because of a single incident. They broke up after 2 years of relationship. In a celebrity show Eunhyuk acknowledged that they are dating from the hosting of a music program.

ENG Donghae said ‘EunHae is real’ – Eunhyuk is not amused

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